Photo By Courtney McKnight

Photo By Courtney McKnight

James Thigpen Jr. (born July 9th, 1986) is an American contemporary artist who's work explores the multifaceted  experience of Black culture.

Born in Flint, Michigan, James recalls one of his earliest memories of attending career day in second grade as an artist. Since that time he's worked tirelessly to evolve in his destiny.

Thigpen completed his undergrad studies at Mott College and University of Michigan-Flint. During these years he went on to receive faculty recognition as the standout student in his class gaining three American Advertising Awards, also known as Addys.

James relocated to New York in January of 2013 and in a short time gained the opportunity to build with multiple artist, writers, and companies, one of the most prestigious being Jazz at Lincoln Center, creating art for the most elite musicians in the world. 

In 2017 James demonstrated the significance of technology in the art world by partnering with Microsoft® to produce his first digital art experience at their 5th Avenue Flagship store in Manhattan.

With the birth of his daughter Victory Joy Thigpen, James now resides in Detroit, Michigan where he continues to create as he experiences this new chapter and it's surroundings.